Kuwait – November 4th  2015


Whether you choose to go to Al Beda’a, Al Mahboula or The Avenues  Wasabi Izakaya – Part of The Sultan Center Group of Restaurants- is the restaurant of choice fulfilling your craving for authentic Japanese cuisine.

As you step into the restaurant your culinary adventure begins. You can sense the warm atmosphere combined with friendly greetings from staff and a fragrant and refreshing aroma of green tea to stimulate your appetite for what is yet to come.

The Wasabi menu is adorned with a vibrant selection of appetizers that will entice you, from soups and salads to shredded crab with apple dressings, the selection will appeal to everyone at your table.

Wasabi menu is as impressive as it is to eat, Wasabi Izakaya’s rich menu of sushi rolls indulge customers craving and offers the most popular authentic varieties of Japanese delights infused with a variety of ingredients and flavors, including shrimp, crab, tuna and more. From Ebi Katsu Soya Roll to Fugakyo Roll or Tempura Avocado all offering an array of flavors and textures.

Wasabi Izakaya’s signature dish Lobster Sweet Chili and Salmon Balsamic-Teri Sauce comes with a choice of rice, noodles mixed with vegetables served alone or with your choice of seafood, meat or chicken. Customers can also select from a number of traditional side dishes including traditional tempuras and refreshing salads.

The restaurant’s new menu injects unusual mixes into its contemporary dishes that can question your taste; starting from the Raspberry & Baby Spinach Salad, moving to Shrimp Popcorn uniquely served with three tempting sauces ending with the finely shredded Tuna Sashimi with strawberry & chili relish that will definitely guarantee your next visit!

Your culinary experience is not complete without indulging in one of Wasabi’s tempting desserts, Caramel Macadamia Cheese Cake is the choice; the softness of biscuit layer, the warmth of the cheese, and the crunchiness of macadamia will surely make you want more.

Dining at Wasabi Izakaya is like no other!! The restaurant interior reflects Japanese traditions; and offers a cozy atmosphere for a perfect and peaceful dining experience while enjoying the soft Asian music. Whether you’re a California roll fan or a diehard sushi diner, Wasabi Izakaya offers a variety options for your raw-fish fix.

So, sharpen you chopsticks skills, prepare yourself to enjoy the true taste of Asian flavors at Wasabi Izakaya and always remember: the best things in the world come in small packages!!




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