As the world celebrates World Cup The Sultan Center recently organized a live football freestyle show hosting Kuwait’s Freestyle Champion Karam Nagage at TSC Boulevard. The event was fun and exciting for shoppers of all ages. Freestyle football is a display of acrobatic and athletic moves that are performed with a soccer ball and requires tremendous amount of skills, patience and creativity, in order to control and move the ball. There are hundreds of tricks to be learned.

During the event customers had an opportunity to demonstrate their free styling skills by trying to perform a range of moves demonstrating how they could control the ball. Gift vouchers were awarded to the best performers, who managed to juggle the ball, roll the ball across their shoulder and spin the ball which created a fun filled ambiance. Customers were amazed to see the skills performed by Karam Nagage during the event.  The Sultan Center plays an active role in promoting exciting activities and events for its customers throughout the year; please visit for more information on upcoming events.