Helping Build Stronger Communities

It is our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities in which we live, work, and serve. Whether it’s through investing and sponsoring non-profit organizations and causes that share our mission, or through the inspiring volunteer efforts of TSC associates, we are committed to helping build stronger communities:

By Investing In Youth

We are all responsible for giving young people the chance to fulfil their potential. We teamed up with the The Lothan Youth Achievement Center (LOYAC) Program to help promote the professional and personal development of young men and women. Seeing as the young people of today will be the leaders of society tomorrow, they need a hand to succeed, and that’s what we’re here for. Via the LOYAC summer training program, students gain first hand experience of the business world through TSC’s retails divisions.

By Investing In the Environment

We only have one planet, it’s important to look at ways of reducing the environmental impact of our business and see how we can integrate new ways of thinking to create meaningful and sustained change. We have undertaken, and continue to undertake, many environmentally friendly initiatives.

Here are some of the ways we are helping to protect the environment:

  • Recycling boxes and cartons from our retail and IT businesses
  • Recycling the cooking oil generated from our restaurants and hot food counters
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by the introduction of the “Green Shopping Bag”
  • Cleaning up local beaches

By Investing In Children’s Health And Education

We are supporting several project partnership initiatives. Here’s what we have helped to achieve:

  • Educational programs, such as field trips, lectures and seminars, which cater for the students’ education and understanding of the retail environment, from kindergarten to university level.
  • Health Awareness campaigns with local organizations, focusing on diabetes, breast cancer awareness, dental hygiene, and child obesity.
  • Donations to support school events which foster communities, such as teacher and student recognition programs and scholarships.
  • The “We Care” program, whereby our employees freely give their time by visiting hospitals, orphanages and care centers for the elderly. This is something our volunteers love to do as they get back as much as they put in.
  • The “Aman Center For Child Abuse” which is a not-for-profit organization supporting children who are victims of domestic violence and other abusive environments. The institution provides therapy and awareness sessions in addition to legal services.
  • “Bait Al-Khair Charity Shop,” which accepts donations of second-hand items from the community in order to help support those on limited incomes.
  •  Annual Donations of 5,000 Iftar daily meals to local charities to support the community during the Holy Month of Ramadan.