Kuwait, Feb 17, 2016

Driven by its social commitment to effectively contribute to the wellbeing of the society and promote a healthy lifestyle The Sultan, organized an awareness lecture at TSC Sharq to raise awareness on cancer prevention and under the theme of: “I CANCERVIVE”, in collaboration with Cancer Aware Nation Association (CAN), on the prevention, early detection and lifestyle choice that can aid in the prevention of cancer.

Attended by a TSC customers, media and staff, the lecture given by Dr. Dr. Najlaa Al Sayed physician at the Palliative Care Center, provided general information about cancer, symptoms, known causes and risk factors associated with the disease.

Mr. Bassam Zantout -Commercial Director for TSC; said: “TSC has taken this initiative in collaboration with CANs to organize this lecture for our customers and the community and to spread awareness on the importance of prevention and early detection and treatment of cancer. TSC is further raising awareness on the importance of eating a balanced and healthy diet that may reduce a person’s risk of developing cancer and contributes to a person overall health and well-being” stated Zantout.

In this regard TSC has greatly expanded it range of natural and organic products across the stores, offering customers a wider selection of products.

TSC has also launched an e-catalogue, specifically designed on healthy living, as part of TSC’s “Because We Care Program” which featured a range of healthy products containing nutritional facts, recipes, food safety tips and benefits of physical exercise.

TSC would like to thank CANs, the community and media for attending this event in addressing this health challenge facing the community.