Kuwait, April 2016.

On the occasion of World Autism Awareness, The Sultan Center in collaboration with Autism Partnership Kuwait (APK), and as part of its ongoing commitment to the community conducted a series of activities to spread awareness to the community on the importance of diagnoses and treatment available to children with autism.

On April 2nd TSC joined hands with APK and took part as a sponsor in the walk-a- thon aimed at raising awareness and supporting those with autism. The event was highly successful with 1,000’s of people turning out to join the walk and support the cause.

On April 4th, TSC staff visited APK center for a morning of fun filled activities. The children enthusiastically joined in the celebration making it a memorable day for all those who attended.

Continuing its campaign TSC held an Austin awareness seminar at TSC Sharq. During the event, Bassam Zantout, Commercial Director at TSC elaborated on the objectives of TSC hosting the event, stating: “As a Kuwaiti company, we are committed to supporting the community, and hosting seminars on health related topics that are both educational and informative and are part of the company’s overall commitment to the community.

Eng. Ghosson Ghassan Al-Khaled, Founding Principal of APK said: “We appreciate TSC initiative in organizing the Autism awareness seminar, and we do invite other companies to support the cause as part of their social responsibility. “At APK we recognize that autistics need special care and attention; therefore, we exert all efforts in taking care of them by our competent specialists to help them integrate in the society gradually”.

Al-Khaled stressed on the importance of early diagnosis for Autism which would facilitate the treatment mechanism.

The seminar shed lights on the autism social perception. On behalf of APK staff Mrs. Layla Al Kandari, APK Site Programs Director and Mr. Jeremy Leaf, Consulting Team Member lectured about the accurate ways to deal with autism syndromes, the role of the parents and society in encouraging those with autism to get integrated and accepted into the community.  Staff of APK emphasized on the importance of early diagnosis in reducing and controlling the disorder and the importance of having the right treatment.

Zantout confirmed that TSC will continue on its efforts to support the community. He stressed on the effective role these campaigns have in spreading awareness on health and social issues.



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