Kuwait, October 2018

Driven by its social commitment, TSC has been at the forefront in conducting awareness campaigns on health topics that play a key role in maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.

Recognizing the importance of keeping ones heart healthy and as per the internationally worldwide day TSC celebrated “World Heart Day.”  During the event TSC highlighted products across the stores known to be heart healthy, provided recipe tips to customers arranged for in-store tasting of heart healthy products and conducted wellness check-ups for blood pressure and diabetics.

Throughout  the event TSC posted heart healthy recipes prepared by  dietician Lilian Zaher  who  provided tips on creating meals that are heart healthy and friendly and can be easily prepared and enjoyed by the entire family. The campaign encouraged customers to protect their heart by eating healthy, getting regular exercise and conducting regular heath-check-ups.

TSC has always been the forefront in organizing awareness campaigns that covers all well-being aspects to secure the ultimate benefit for its customers and the community in general. These health awareness campaigns are in-line with TSC prime objective to providing an array of healthy foods and products that promotes the healthy lifestyle.