Kuwait – January 2016

In and around Kuwait plastic bags can be seen along the sides of roads, in the desert, on trees, outside people’s houses. They litter our beaches and threaten marine life.

As part of The Sultan Centre’s (TSC) ongoing commitment to the community and safeguarding the environment, TSC has recently launched a new initiative in its stores whereby shoppers are given the option to choose plastic bags or paper bags (at a nominal charge). Not only are paper bags stronger than plastic bags, they are made from a renewable resource and they are easily recyclable, which makes them environmentally friendly.

TSC is committed to protecting the environment. Not only is it important for our generation, it’s about taking care of care of the environment for generations to come. TSC’s reduce, reuse and recycle initiative aims to keep as many recyclable materials out of landfills as possible. Essentially, the goal is to minimize waste, and offering paper bags throughout their stores will go a long way in serving that purpose.

Tom Hammer, CEO of Retail at The Sultan Center, said: “We actively listen to our customers and want to engage them in our eco-friendly initiatives. Our customers have told us they want the option of having their groceries packed in paper bags. Many of our shoppers are environmentally conscious and they want to reduce plastic usage. As part of giving back to the community in which we operate, we’re always on the lookout for ways in which we can help protect the environment. This new initiative falls in line with our goal to reduce our ecological footprint. We are giving our customers a choice: plastic or paper. In either case, the most important thing is to recycle those bags so they don’t end up in the sea, beaches, streets, and landfills, or become litter.”

Just a few small lifestyle changes can go a long way in making a big difference for the environment. TSC is working together with its customers to make an even greater impact by making it easier for them to incorporate sustainable choices into their daily lives.



About The Sultan Center

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