Sept-2018-As part of The Sultan Centers commitment to promote a healthy lifestyle, TSC has recently launched Clearly Organic® a complete range of USA made organic food products. This new range of products are featured across all Sultan Centers and are priced lower than national organic brands and come from manufacturers who are committed to providing the highest quality standards and who are Organic verified by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Customers seeking a healthier food option will find over 100 products from the Clearly Organic® range from coffee and tea to sugar and oil and many more. “The quality of Clearly Organic® is superior and there is no comprise on taste, stated Makram Malaeb, Commercial Director at TSC”. Organic products are becoming more popular as consumers grow more health conscious and concerned about food they and their families eat. “We have attended to our customers’ demands and sourced a range of food products that are produced, prepared and processed with no chemicals, more healthy fats, and more antioxidants thus providing more health benefits, while continuing to make healthy eating easier and more affordable”, stated Malaeb.

TSC has been at the forefront in promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging customers to make more nutritious food choices. Visit TSC today and try the new range of Clearly Organic® products.