Nov. 2018- The Sultan Center has announced its plan to “Go Green” as part of the company’s 7th Commitment to its customers. TSC has been working on a number of green initiatives aimed at protecting the planet; with emphasis on the reduction of use of plastic bags, recycling plastic bottles and cans, as well as adopting e-receipts, paperless processes among many other green initiatives.

According to TSC’s CEO Abdel-Salam Bdeir, “plastic shopping bags are an integral part of today’s lifestyle but are negatively impacting the planet with over hundreds of millions of shopping bags used annually across the retail grocery stores in Kuwait alone. Towards this objectives, TSC has introduced the reusable shopping bags over 10 years ago across its stores in the region; TSC aims now to revive this initiative by reducing customer shopping bag usage by 50% within the next 3 years and increasing environmental awareness by providing customers with alternative shopping bag solutions.”

To help reduce usage of plastic bags and encourage recycling, TSC will launch an on-going awareness campaign starting the month of November to draw attention to the negative effects plastic bags have not only on the environment, marine and wildlife, but on human health as well. As part of this campaign, customers will receive 50% discounts on the purchase of TSC’s reusable shopping bags, and will also receive 2 Free TSC Rewards Green Points every time they shop and use TSC’s reusable bags. “We want to encourage customers to consider environmental issues and make them aware they can reduce waste while protecting the environment”, stated Bdeir.

TSC will also encourage and support products that are bio-degradable as well as highlight them in its stores for customers to choose being an environmentally-friendly alternative as opposed to what they normally buy. There are a number of Green initiatives that TSC is addressing for achieving its commitment towards a greener environment; such as donating “Back-To-School signage to decorate school classrooms for reducing waste, sourcing environmental-friendly alternative products to customers instead of plastic, and availing multiple-size reusable shopping bags with separators to cater for customers’ needs and purchases. There will also be an in-store awareness campaign including videos and an activation booth showing the harmful effect of plastic on the environment, under the theme Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, including creative and informative activities on recycling targeting the younger generation.

As part of the “Go Green” initiatives, TSC has also introduced European Recycling Machines in its Sharq and Salmiya stores for customers to recycle plastic bottles and soda cans where customers will earn 1 TSC Rewards Free Green Point for every 10 recycled plastic bottles or soda cans that are placed in the machines. The bottles and cans are then collected, sorted, cleaned and reprocessed into new material for different manufacturing, ensuring sustainable use of resources.


TSC will be rolling-out these Recycling Machines in its stores to highlight the significance of recycling for protecting the environment and the planet we live in.

Moreover, TSC has engaged in other green initiatives which include: “Go paperless” by reducing printing across its stores and Corporate Office; replacing stores halogen lighting with LED, and using environmentally-friendly materials in TSC stores to minimize the need for chemicals that are harmful to the environment. In addition to the previously mentioned initiatives, TSC is actively and continuously involved within community activities such as “Beach Clean-up” and “Planting a Tree” for the environment.  Finally, e-receipts and environmentally-friendly shopping trolleys will be introduced by TSC to help with preserving our Planet. “By working for a greener environment we can make a difference for the future generations”, stated Bdeir.