Kuwait, April 2018

As part of its educational and social responsibility program, and its full awareness of the significance of causes that support the environment, The Sultan Center (TSC) celebrated “Earth day”, dedicated to providing younger generations with information and inspirations needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behavior towards plastic recycling.

During the event, TSC has created a fun and interesting way to provide children with necessary information regarding how to use plastics, in which they installed a large talking tree that engaged with and joked with them as well as giving them advice on things they can do to save the earth.  One of the advice was to share their toys with their friends  rather than buying a new one whilst the other  advice encouraged to use The Sultan Center’s Green Reusable bag while shopping. Children also enjoyed a coloring workshop, in which they had shown their understanding of the cause.

Commenting on this event, Lisa Al Gharib – Marketing Manager at TSC said:” It’s always a great pleasure to see how children get to enjoy TSC events and have a beneficial experience at the same time.  TSC is always highlighting any cause that sheds light on environmental awareness and this includes Earth Day” The Sultan Center actively engages and supports educational activities across the community to aid in the development of its knowledge & awareness and its activities stem from its conviction that having kids educated at early age would greatly help in shaping their personalities and life experience as well as make them more responsible towards the different key causes at an early age.