Our Purpose & Value

OUR VISION To be the Premier Retailer for Consumers OUR MISSION To offer uncompromising product quality, service culture excellence, and dynamic retail experiences that meet and exceed the demands of varied consumer lifestyles Our Core Values Are The values of any organization begin with its people, and at Sultan we place particular emphasis in developing […]

Our Concepts

SULTAN- Your Neighbourhood Grocer These stores hold the promise of being iconic destinations consumers choose because of the pleasurable ambiance and shopping experience. A delight for the senses, the stores offer attractive fresh food displays, and distinct decor that catches the eye. We invite customers to wander and spend time picking their favourite items or […]


HOW IT ALL BEGAN In 1976 Mr. Jamil Sultan founded PSC Supply, a division of The Petroleum Services Company, which eventually grew to be a major provider of supplies to the oil industry. It was here that the retail business began and evolved into the retail grocery business as we know it today. The Sultan Center […]