• Our Vision Statement

    “To build and manage a profitable diversified portfolio of businesses aimed at increasing shareholder value.”
  • Our Mission Statement

    “To be the customer’s preferred choice through teamwork, collaboration, and excellent performance”
  • Our Value Statement

    “We have an open, diverse culture where everyone is empowered, held accountable, and treated with respect.”

Our strategy reflects the priorities we set for our business portfolio, as we strive to stay true to our Vision, Mission, and Core Values.

TSC focuses on five main business strategies:

  1. Grow Revenues By nurturing our financial position, we become more able to flexibly invest in enhancing our products and services across all departments. Our ambition is to continue expanding our consumer-centric markets, as well as developing in other streams of business that are part of our portfolio.
  2. Improve Our Margins In our quest to deliver better value for our customers we are always conscious of the need to improve our margins. We try our best to offer our customers quality service with our own branded range, as well as a hand-picked selection of over 1,200 products–manufactured in prominent worldwide factories–at great value. This includes a wide range of fresh produce, frozen food products, household necessities and much more.
  3. Expense Efficiency Ultimately we want to emphasize consumer satisfaction, and to this end we are dedicated to following a business model which simplifies and unifies back office operations, so that more care and attention can be paid to serving our customers.
  4. Asset Efficiency  We are committed to the efficient and effective use of our assets wherever possible, and are always seeking to improve upon our customers’ experiences in the best possible way, whether by renovating our outlets and/or refurbishing our stores and restaurants.
  5. Constant Improvement Complacency is never an option. Our ambition to preserve our leading position within the regional market means that we are always looking for new ways to improve. We continue to focus on bettering our core operations, supply chain and commercial activities.

The strategy will feed the growth and development of the business and what we seek to achieve in the future:


1. A profitable business

We seek to provide a sustainable partnership for all of our shareholders, employees, partners and customers.


2. A diversified portfolio

Across our varied business interests, we look to synergies in diversification and creating value for our stakeholders.


3. Across the Middle East

We’re honored to serve the communities we operate in across the Middle East and aim to provide them with quality services.