The Early Years

In 1976 Mr. Jamil Sultan founded PSC Supply, a division of The Petroleum Services Company, which eventually grew to be a major provider of supplies to the oil industry. It was here that the retail business began and evolved into the supermarket business as we know it today.

TSC History
TSC History

Moving Forward

The Sultan Center Shuwaikh was the first-self service retail store in Kuwait when it opened in 1981. Several other stores followed shortly after and TSC soon established itself as ‘the’ place to shop in Kuwait. Even to this day, many in the community talk warmly about how they grew up with TSC as the first to provide them with quality, imported goods and fresh food from around the world, in an environment of exemplary customer service. It’s from this foundation that TSC grew it’s operations to 65 stores in five countries today.

The Secret Of Our Success

These are the three major pillars of our success:

  • We continue to source products from across the globe, to find a rich variety of goods that can offer our customers genuine choice.
  • We remain committed to offering the lowest possible prices to our customers.
  • We strive to meet and exceed industry best practice benchmarks to provide an exceptional standard of customer service.

Jamil Sultan’s Legacy Continues