At the heart of each one of our businesses is a core purpose and a set of values around how we do business.

TSC History

Core Values

The basis of our business methodology lies in the commitment we have to our customers — in delivering outstanding value, choice, quality and service — our suppliers and to our staff. We introduced a business code of ethics in 2011, in which all personnel have been trained, together with a control mechanism including hotlines which enable us to monitor how we’re doing.

The Values of any organization begin with its people, and in TSC we place particular emphasis in developing our teams to live those values. Key elements of this development include:

  • Learning and Growth
    We have job family and competency based training opportunities for all staff. There are intensive training programs for new graduate starters to business and internationally recognized learning and development courses for senior managers.
  • Diversity and Localization
    At TSC we recognize the value of working with diversified cultures, reflected by the 36 different nationalities present in our team. At the same time, investing in the local communities in which we operate is a priority for us, as such we have forged important partnerships with local universities and schools, encouraging members of the local community to join the company.
  • Recognizing Our People
    Short term success is recognized through simple ‘Thank You’ cards on a daily basis, while ‘Employee of the Month’ and ‘Employee of the Year’ schemes run across all departments. Longer term contributions and loyalty to the business is recognized through our ‘Long Service Awards’ program.