Our Purpose & Value


To be the Premier Retailer for Consumers


To offer uncompromising product quality, service culture excellence, and dynamic retail experiences that meet and exceed the demands of varied consumer lifestyles

Our Core Values Are

The values of any organization begin with its people, and at Sultan we place particular emphasis in developing our employees to embody and to live by those values. Key elements of this ethos, and the essence of how we conduct ourselves is through:


Caring is the bedrock of performance excellence

  • Means we are emotionally and professionally invested in our own, and each other’s performance.
  • Is that we are a team that serves our customer and each other to ensure the success of the wider business.
  • Is to listen and closely observe how we own, refine, and improve the customer experience.
  • Is to help the Sultan community see our team members as equals and treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Is knowing that you are a valued employee and that your voice is heard.


Excellence is an attitude

  • Means accountability to ourselves, our colleagues, our customers, and Sultan.
  • Comes from striving every day to refine and improve every aspect of the work we do.
  • Is never stopping to ask the questions of ourselves “how can we do better”
  • Is cultivating a culture of growth be offering a helping hand.


Pride is the belief in ourselves, our colleagues, and the quality of our customer offer

  • Is reflecting a common sense of ownership for the performance of the businesss, and celebrating each other achievements.
  • Is binding us together as a community devoted to shared goals.
  • Is how we present ourselves as ambassadors of the Sultan brand.
  • Is understanding that I have been given an opportunity and a responsibility to give the best of myself to others.


Trust is the basis of enduring customer relationships

  • Is the basis of enduring customer and employee relationships; it is the reflection of faith we have in our colleagues and the faith they have in us.
  • Is the foundation of great teamwork and service to our valued customers.
  • Is valuing the opinion of each other and our customers to improve and innovate.
  • Is believing in each other, speaking the truth constantly in a positive manner where integrity is at the core.