Our Concepts

SULTAN- Your Neighbourhood Grocer

These stores hold the promise of being iconic destinations consumers choose because of the pleasurable ambiance and shopping experience. A delight for the senses, the stores offer attractive fresh food displays, and distinct decor that catches the eye. We invite customers to wander and spend time picking their favourite items or come to explore the exclusive and new imports from around the world. As a destination shopping experience, we appeal to customers to explore the quality items at reasonable prices through a variety of choices as far as the eye can see. Creating family memories and moments in the Sultan concept is the goal that meets the neighbourhood needs at every lifestyle stage of our customers.



SULTAN MARKET- Your Choice For Value

Keeping in mind that we have a large community of diverse cultures and backgrounds, the Sultan Market elevates the shopping experience through a value-focused customer journey. The aim is to invite our customers and bring them together to shop in large-scale stores that offer an assortment of ethnic ranges for all their household needs. Everywhere a shopper may browse, they will find easy access to fresh foods, see the latest assortment of products, and enjoy eye-catching displays. The Sultan Market promises an experience that builds on community, with quality a top priority, in a friendly and attractive environment. The customer at Sultan Market is in their element, making a choice for value.



SULTAN EXPRESS-Your Quick-Stop Shop

The trendiest setting for our Sultan Express stores is all about attracting customers who are on the go. Catering to busy lifestyles and shoppers in working environments, a customer choosing an express store chooses time and convenience. Sultan Express is abundantly located for these modern consumers to shop quickly, finding essential items on their route or close to home. A young, up-and-coming age group that understands how to experience products in unique environments, we spoil them for choice with delicious coffee corners and healthy essentials. We also cater to their fresh foods needs and snack cravings. Creating an atmosphere that is both fun and stylish, customers are always delighted when choosing their quick-stop shop at a Sultan Express.

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E-COMMERCE-Convenience At Your Fingertips

With our E-commerce, we answer the needs of a dynamic consumer that shops online for most of their goods. The Online experience offers a wide range of selections on all customer purchases without leaving the comfort of their home. An intuitive, user-friendly experience awaits the customers by browsing through lifestyle tags, and exclusive products that are delivered on time. Sultan E-commerce offers the freedom for our customers to shop from an extensive choice that covers every possibility. Optimized to browse from the widest choice of fresh foods, home shopping, ethnic ranges, promotions, conveniently anytime anywhere, the online experience is sure to satisfy our customer’s every need.