• National Real Estate Company Of Kuwait (NREC)

    Established in Kuwait in 1973, the National Real Estate Company (NREC) is a publically listed real estate and investment company with a presence in the Middle East and North Africa. “Excellence Through Experience” is the slogan that forms NREC’s identity as a confident organization, seizing attractive investment opportunities and executing them to create value for its stakeholders.  TSC owns a 31% stake in NREC.

  • Al Khorayef

    Khorayef LLC maintains and repairs oil production equipment, as well as supplying, installing, and maintenance of submersible pumps in the artificial lift of oil from deep wells. It is also involved with oil production in Kuwait. TSC owns a 24% stake in this company.

  • Alpha Energy Company

    This is a Kuwaiti holding company which owns a 27.5% ownership stake in SOOR Fuel Marketing Company (S.A.K). TSC owns 20% of Alpha.

  • Riviera Holding Company Of Kuwait

    The Kuwaiti holding company has a 75% ownership stake in Riviera Holding Lebanon, which operates the prestigious Riviera Hotel located at Ras Beirut area near the seashore. TSC owns 40% of the holding company.