Get to know our loyalty program


Welcome to our new and improved loyalty program now called KANZEE!

What does KANZEE mean? Treasures! it's as simple as that. By shopping more, you save more.

Shop online or visit our stores and be on the lookout for the KANZEE icon to maximize your purchasing power.

Every coin you collect goes towards earning cash value that you can use for your next shopping trip.

For every 1Kd spent you earn 1 coin, and the offers are endless. Download the Sultan App to keep track of your Kanzee coins, and enjoy tailor made suggestions that will maximize your KANZEE!

Collect Coins

At checkout scan your App to collect and redeem. Your balance is automatically updated with the coins you collected. Find out how much you have earned by browsing our Online store or via the App.


The more points you collect the more you can redeem on your next shopping trip. Turn every 100 coins collected into 1KD cash value that you can use to pay upon checkout.

Tailored offers

By understanding your buying habits, we maximize the value of your coins by alerting you to deals and offers that matter the most to you. The more you shop the more we understand what products and offers you are interested to hear about.

Do you questions about Kanzee? Click Here