We are building an engaged community that meets regularly to help colleagues enjoy themselves and connect.

Steps to wellbeing at Sultan is inspiring and helping colleagues to look after their whole experience with the organization. We are striving to build a cross regional community as we understand that we’re a big business with diverse shift patterns and many business areas. With that in mind we have come up with several programs that help bridge gaps, engage with each other at deeper levels or give back through charity work and initiatives. We have a full activities calendar that is planned year round that includes, movie nights, sport tournaments to fun activities, that is only limited by how much or how little individuals want to engage within the Sultan community. We encourage you all to create a healthy and balanced work life experience, as we firmly believe that a happy work environment means happy colleagues and happy customers.

Some of our programs include:

The Sultan Ultra Marathon

Every winter we challenged our colleagues around one common goal finishing an internal cross-regional race as individuals and as groups and sharing their experiences within the organization. A daunting 3,139 Kilometre race was the challenge set for participants to complete. The significance of the Kilometres is that it’s the distance in which every country Sultan operates from Jordan-Amman, Bahrain, to Muscat-Oman, to Kuwait. The Ultramarathon tracked through various fitness apps sent in by the runners brings employees from every department to work as one team to finish the distance and compete cross regionally.

Coffee with an Executive

Is an initiative that aims to create a culture of open dialogue between leadership and employees viaia a raffle draw colleagues are randomly chosen to sit down with an executive to directly ask questions about Sultan’s future goals and ambitions in a casual setting.

Every employee in Sultan is eligible to enter the draw, which also extends regionally. You could be the next person chosen to participate!

Innovation Appreciation

We believe great ideas come from within and that’s why we introduced this program to create a better business that our staff have keen insights to.

Simply put, we will gladly take into consideration any innovation we can pursue, and we will reward the chosen colleagues who come up with the best idea to make Sultan a better place for employees and customers alike.