1) Welcome to Kanzee

What is Kanzee?

KANZEE is Sultan’s new loyalty program, replacing the old Sultan loyalty card and program.

As a Kanzee member you collect coins and redeem offers via the coupons you receive that are tailored to your shopping behaviours and needs. You also collect coins based on your Kanzee status on every KD you spend in our stores or online.

Why should I join Kanzee?

Join Kanzee to save money through customized coupons that are just for you.

Collect coins every time you shop in a Sultan store or online.

Enjoy the best offers and deals on a range of fresh foods and grocery staples.

Send coins to family and friends so that they can benefit from their shopping experience.

Enjoy exclusive partner offers that you can only find through Kanzee.

What are the different Kanzee membership status?

There are three membership statuses to Kanzee; The first status is the EXPLORER status color code Blue, followed by the EXPERT status color code Green, and the final status is the ELITE status color code Grey.

Each status affords you great benefits as highlighted in the Table:


Can I move up a status or drop down in my membership status?

Yes! You can easily move up a status. The more you visit us the more you spend and the more you shop automatically means that you will be moving up as a member. You will also know you have moved up as the color of your Kanzee card on the App will also change to the associated status color.

This also means that if you don’t visit us or your shopping pattern changes with us you could lose your current status and drop down a status. So please make sure that does not happen!

2) Sultan Loyalty card Program

What happens if I still have the old Sultan Card?

You need to join Kanzee by simply downloading the Sultan App via the Apple Store or Google Play. Customers can simply transfer their existing points to Kanzee coins by inputting your old loyalty card number in the below shown text box.


Does this mean I can’t use my mobile number or my Sultan Card at the Cashier?

You need to be enrolled in Kanzee. Cashiers will no longer accept the old Sultan card or a mobile number at the cashier.

I tried to download the app and register but I faced a problem?

Simply call our Contact Center at 1844449 and they will be there to help resolve this issue.

3) Joining Kanzee

Who can join Kanzee?

Everyone who is above 18 years old is eligible to join KANZEE.

How do I join KANZEE?

You can join KANZEE simply by downloading the Sultan App via the Apple Store or Google Play. The membership is free.

Once you download the Sultan App you will receive an OTP to register your account. You need to complete the registration process to enrol in Kanzee.

How can I change my personal details?

You can easily change/update your personal information by accessing your profile on the mobile application or website.  At Sultan, we respect our customers’ privacy and only collect necessary information. The information is safe and secure.

4) Coins & Redemption

What are coins?

Coins are collected via purchases you make through the offers and coupons you receive that can be redeemed to KD values and used when shopping. You also collect coins every time you shop in our stores or online.

What is the value of my coins in KD?

Each Kanzee membership status grants you coins every time you shop in our stores or online.

The EXPLORER status earns 1 coin for every 1KD spent.

The EXPERT status earns you 2 coins for every 1KD spent.

The ELITE status earns you 4 coins for every 1KD spent.


This means that every 400 coins collected is equivalent to 1 KD value that you can redeem in our stores and online.

You can track your coins and KD value via the Sultan app on the Kanzee homepage.

When do my coins expire?

Coins expire after 4 months from purchase date for all Kanzee members regardless of their status.

When I earn coins, can I redeem them immediately?

Coins are added immediately to your account after every purchase, and can be redeemed every time you shop instore on online.

How do I check how many coins I have?

Coin balance is accessible on the mobile application, our hotline 1844449 or by asking the cashier.

What do I do if I believe there is a mistake in my balance?

We welcome all your calls and inquires on our hotline 1844449 to help solve your concern.

Can I transfer coins to other friends and family?

Coins can easily be transferred from account to account via the mobile app as long as they are also registered in Kanzee.

How do I opt out of Kanzee?

We’d hate to see you go, but if you decide to leave us, opting out can easily be done by contacting our hotline.