Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and one of the times they’re most likely to engage with Sultan is when they shop with us through our E-commerce platform, or face-to-face when chatting at the checkout, in our receiving areas, or asking for help on the shop floor. So, in any role you are based in, you’ll be at the forefront to promote our in-store and online customer experience.

This is your chance to shine, and It’s a chance to put your abilities to the test, showing that Sultan is “Your Neighbourhood Grocer” by doing your best to be friendly, approachable to assist customers when they need you, and make a difference in their shopping experience by getting their orders delivered on time.

There are lots of different roles on offer, from behind the scenes as Personal Pickers in our Dark Stores that serve our Online platform, from Deli to Butchery, or Cashiers at checkouts, or at the backend in receiving areas as well, the opportunity to multi-skill in some of our more specialized areas is available for your personal growth. If you have the passion and commitment to succeed, this could be the fantastic opportunity you have been waiting for.