Kuwait – November 2017


In support of World Diabetes Day and in collaboration with New Mowasat Hospital Bolero Juice and Stevia in The Raw, The Sultan Center hosted an awareness event, at its Boulevard Branch on Tuesday, November 14th, with the prime objective to educate the community about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.


The event featured a variety of activities including video broadcasting, medical check-ups for customers, educational lectures; exclusively for the occasion, TSC produced an awareness video in coordination with Macrobiotic healer Specialist Ghanayem Alfahad to promote healthy nutritional factors that contribute in living diabetic-free . For maximum outreach, the video was posted on across TSC social media platforms.


In addition, TSC joined efforts with the New Mowasat Hospital and dedicated a medical check-up booth at the Boulevard branch, where customers were able to have complementary diabetes and health checkup screenings; customers also received discount vouchers on different medical services at the New Mowasat Hospital. Apart from this activity, the hospital hosted an awareness lecture led by Dr. Aroub Shakhtour for TSC head office staff, which focused on the importance of embarking on a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise  to avoid the on-set of diabetes.


From his end, the professional trainers from Bolero Juice Eleni Gisholt Fanurakis and Oyvind Blikstad – gave out free one-on-one nutritional consultations to customers, while promoting a range of healthy juices made with Bolero sugar-free mixes perfectly suitable for diabetics.


TSC is at the forefront in organizing health awareness campaigns and activities within its stores and actively promotes the importance of maintaining a healthy life style and diet.