Kuwait, April 2017

Under the theme of “Education has no age limit”, the Sultan Center recently hosted the Smart Steps Nursery students at its Salmiya store. Students aged between 4 and 5 years old were treated as VIP guests by TSC store manager Jaafar Ibrahim and the staff. Their visit was focused on retail where they were given the chance to have an insight on sales technics of various departments including meat, deli, bakery, produce and seafood.

In a fun-fueled environment, the kids educational journey at TSC evolved around learning on sale’s mechanisms and on how cashiers assist customers according to high professionalism; as well they toured the store accompanied by staff and inquired for details on staff scope of work and different products at TSC.


In his statement about the visit, Jaafar Ibrahim/ TSC ‘s Salmiya Store Manager said: “we were pleased to see the blossoming youngsters interested in learning about retail and staff jobs at TSC.; they were extremely impressed and roamed around the store inquiring about different aspects”. He added: “At TSC, amongst our social objectives is to educate the young generation on retail business which would prepare them for a brilliant career future”.

By the end of their visit, TSC awarded students with TSC bags filled with healthy snacks.

Since its inception, The Sultan Center has been pioneering in spread the awareness amongst community either by sponsoring social events or by launching promotional and educational campaigns.