Date: 27 April 2016

Location: Kuwait

Job description

To manage the operation of the Home Center and ensure provision of a high level of service and profitability of the business

The main purposes for this job are:

  • Managing the section, taking care of staff and resources availability in order to ensure cost effective operations and required level of service level
  • Monitoring, systematically departmental costs, operational performance and alerting the Assistant/Director of impending issue
  • Ensuring effective implementation of all corporate processes/procedures and standards such as hygiene, sanitation, and security and safety standards.
  • Communicating to store personnel corporate standards and correspondent drivers of cost/service level, in order to facilitate and ensure proper behaviors
  •  Implementing loss prevention and shrink procedures, managing the inventory and taking measures to minimize damages, loss and thefts and optimizing stock turnover
  • Supporting department managers in the planning, receiving/handling and replenishment operations with respect to the right level of stock on the shelves, periodic verification of expiration dates for Supermarket, order and cleanness.
  • Ensuring proper implementation of visual merchandising recommendations and as needed adopt refinements imposed by store layout/infrastructure constraints/other constraints maintaining high standards of visual display and customer experience
  • Ensuring timely delivery from Home Centert’s suppliers and full coverage of the assortment defined by Merchandise
  • Providing inputs to Logistics in order to optimize the replenishment and to Merchandise with respect to possible improvements of assortment/pricing/suppliers, given clients requests, local competitors and suppliers behavior
  • Ensuring availability of sufficient levels of in-stock position on basics.
  • Ensuring high store standards, apparel rack rules, end cap profile, signing, shelf labeling, etc.

Skills and Experience

The successful candidate should possess the following:

  • Experience in the supervision and coordination of store department operations activities, including shrink monitoring and merchandise guidelines implementation control
  • Previous experience working with large retailer within middle-east
  • Proficient in written and spoken English communication


  • Leadership & Coaching
  • Developing Others
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Planning & Organisation
  • Motivation
  • Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Teamwork

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