Kuwait, June 2017….

In celebration of the Kuwaiti traditions during the Holy month of Ramadan and out of its commitment to share the spirit of the month, The Sultan Center organized Gergian celebration’s events across its stores including: Boulevard, Salmiya and Al-Kout on the 13th, 14th and 15th of Ramadan which were themed with the traditional authentic Kuwaiti setting, reflecting the true meaning for the generous month. Parents and children were delighted to take part in the celebrations and enjoyed fun filled evenings of entertainment.

Over 3 days, TSC’s customers including children and adults, were greeted with a range of fun filled activities which included: characters, face painting and a range of arts and crafts and Ramadan inspired songs. Children were delighted to participate and awarded with Gergian treats. Customers who had not experienced Gergian enjoyed learning about the tradition through the joyous evenings of Gergian tailor-made for families’ entertainment during the Holy Month.

During the month of Ramadan TSC has been active within the community through numerous initiatives underscoring its social commitment to society in which it operates. The Sultan Center celebrates the Holy Month of Ramadan with its customers and is committed to providing them with all their shopping needs.