PRIVACY POLICY Overview The Sultan Center (“TSC“) is strongly committed to respecting the privacy of all persons using our website, (“the Website“) and the protection of any personally identifiable information which we may collect and/ or use as part of our data collection process and/ or which you may choose to share with us. Such personal information […]


We are building an engaged community that meets regularly to help colleagues enjoy themselves and connect. Steps to wellbeing at Sultan is inspiring and helping colleagues to look after their whole experience with the organization. We are striving to build a cross regional community as we understand that we’re a big business with diverse shift […]


We offer a broad range of benefits that makes Sultan a great place to work and shop. From day one colleagues will be welcomed to our competitive package of benefits. We try hard to make sure that we offer a broad choice of benefits to make Sultan a great place to work and shop. Our […]


We all have special skills that are developed and nurtured. Understanding people is our business. From customers, colleagues, to communities and what matters to them, and then trying to make those things better, is what Sultan stands for. It’s about listening to people and talking to them. By using all the tools at our disposal, […]


We work together to create a brighter future rallying around a common vision. Our values are the core principles that guide us on how we conduct our business. The values are our guiding spirit, and we encourage everyone in the organization to understand how to put them into practice. Since we first introduced our values […]


CORPORATE FUNCTIONS At Sultan, we pride ourselves on understanding that the customer experience is a collective role that we all engage in. Our corporate functions play a key role in this, whether you’re in Marketing, Finance, Commercial, Human Resources or Communications, or one of the many other professional teams, you’ll be making sure we are […]


WORKING WITH US Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and one of the times they’re most likely to engage with Sultan is when they shop with us through our E-commerce platform, or face-to-face when chatting at the checkout, in our receiving areas, or asking for help on the shop floor. So, […]

Convenience At Your Fingertips

E-COMMERCE-Convenience At Your Fingertips With our E-commerce, we answer the needs of a dynamic consumer that shops online for most of their goods. The Online experience offers a wide range of selections on all customer purchases without leaving the comfort of their home. An intuitive, user-friendly experience awaits the customers by browsing through lifestyle tags, […]

Your Quick-Stop Shop

SULTAN EXPRESS-Your Quick-Stop Shop The trendiest setting for our Sultan Express stores is all about attracting customers who are on the go. Catering to busy lifestyles and shoppers in working environments, a customer choosing an express store chooses time and convenience. Sultan Express is abundantly located for these modern consumers to shop quickly, finding essential […]

Your Choice For Value

SULTAN MARKET- Your Choice For Value Keeping in mind that we have a large community of diverse cultures and backgrounds, the Sultan Market elevates the shopping experience through a value-focused customer journey. The aim is to invite our customers and bring them together to shop in large-scale stores that offer an assortment of ethnic ranges […]