If your morning hunger pangs have awakened, The Butcher’s Den is offering a new menu of breakfast delights to enjoy any day of the week. The meat-centric restaurant will guarantee to rouse you from your slumber with a delectable breakfast feast.

The menu is imaginatively original and profoundly memorable. The Butcher’s Den rendition of traditional breakfast offerings of eggs, French toast, crispy waffles and plump pancakes are married with a meaty accompaniment.

Known for its famous prime meat cuts, the main course is filled with the steak den’s signature fall-off-the-bone variously grades meats that beefs up your breakfast. As you glance over the carefully-crafted menu, you will find that everything sounds enticing. One of your choices is the stack of short rib pancakes laced with maple syrup and topped with two fried eggs. Or another favorite is poached egg sitting atop a bed of crisp braised shredded short ribs that lay perfectly beneath the egg yolk. Another unusual but commonly ordered choice is the “Qout” bowl consisting of a layer of mashed sweet potato at the bottom, loaded with a pile of tender shredded ribs topped off with jalapenos and a tower of caramelized onions at the peak.

Most of the dishes come with eggs that crown your meal and can be cooked to your liking. Another delicious choice worth considering, cradles a poached egg that is nestled into an airy puff pastry pocket along with a strip of crunchy bacon and sautéed spinach. You can add a refreshing drink of freshly-squeezed juices – highly recommended is watermelon which is pleasingly sweet and hydrating.

A number of side dishes can accompany your main meal. A requisite are the homemade beef sausages that are strikingly supple and utterly flavorsome. The first juicy bite leads to a perfect blend of fresh tender meat redolent with a mélange of spices and herbs. Other side choices include hash browns, beans, spinach mascarpone and much more, including a beetroot and goat cheese salad that is simply delicious.

For the finale, you wander into the dessert zone where you’ll find treats of pancakes and waffles overlaid with the sweetness of fresh assorted berry compote, a rich and thick sauce that mingles with the scoop of ice-cream beside it. The Butcher’s Den signature French toast consists of triple-leveled golden brown toasts, lightly buttered, and layered with jam, Nutella and peanut butter that will have you craving more.

Situated at the Bidaa’ strip of restaurants, you can indulge in The Butcher’s Den hearty breakfast from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm every day of the week.